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Haskell: Summer '19

I definitely want to develop something using Haskell. I don't know what exactly just yet. (There's nothing symbolic about the typewriter. I just thought it looked cool).

Why Haskell? I'm interning at a company that's big on purely functional programming languages, so it would benefit me a lot to get better at it. More importantly, however, I really like Haskell. At the moment, I'm working through Haskell programming from first principles, which is such an terrific book. Unlike other introductory programming texts I've read, they really do explain why things are the way they are (i.e. from first principles) and help you become comfortable using the concepts you get taught through some well-designed, challenging but doable exercises. The plan is to start developing something once I've finished reading the book.

Android: Summer '18

I mostly spent the summer of 2018 working on small Android projects.

Bookshelf - book wishlist app for Android

Powered by the Google Books API, Bookshelf allows you to find out more information about a book (e.g. author(s), ratings on Google Play Books, page count, publisher, etc.). Soon, you'll be able to save the books you want to read to a Bookshelf (a wishlist). Bookshelf on GitHub .

Update (June 2019): this was the most fun project I've ever worked on. Unfortunately, I've decided to park it for the time being because I realised that the Google Play Books API is much more limited than I first imagined (there's lots of reasons why, but the most fundamental reason was that searching for a book title didn't yield the most relevant results. For instance, one might expect a search for "Harry Potter" to list the seven books, as well as the companion books, in the top 10 list of books. Alas, no.).

Sorting Hat

Determines which Hogwarts house one belongs to based on responses to the Pottermore sorting hat questions (slightly modified). I am a big Harry Potter fan (the books, not the films), so making something Harry Potter-related was so much fun. A lot of my time was just spent on choosing music that I thought went well with a particular house's qualities for the results screen. I would very much like to work on another, albeit more sophisticiated, Harry Potter-related app in the future. Sorting Hat Android app on GitHub

Update (June 2019): Another fun project. This has been parked because I more or less reached the limit of where I could take the app. Moving forward, I think it would better to work on an app that is designed to be used more than once. How many times does someone want to get sorted into a Hogwarts house?


A simple alarm clock app that also includes a simple timer and stopwatch. Alarmist on GitHub .

Update (June 2019): While I could easily finish this, this has been parked to work on more interesting things. I started this to make a better version of Google's clock app, mostly from a design point of view. I definitely learn things from playing around with developing this.

Simple age calculator

Calculates your age in seconds, days, weeks and months given your date of birth. This was just a small app I made to get my feet wet in Android development (it was also my first non-university project!). I need to double check the calculations to ensure they actually work, but the main thing was learning how to make an Android app from scratch. Simple age calculator on GitHub

Update (June 2019): This should be finished after I've ensured the calculations are right.

Non-programming project: summer '17

Harry Potter Monopoly

I designed my own Harry Potter monopoly game (based on book canon) because our family loves monopoly and I love the Harry Potter books, so I wanted to combine the two (and there wasn't already a Harry Potter monopoly on the market). It was very time consuming but also a lot of fun to make. If you're interested, you can read a blog post on the Harry Potter monopoly I designed.

Update (June 2019): We don't actually play this anymore (sad times) . My family still like Monopoly, but there's only so many times you can play it. Perhaps it might be more interesting if there was less luck involved and more skill.

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I am a third-year Computer Science undergraduate from London. In my spare time, you'll usually find me programming or reading. (Please don't actually find me. That's a bit creepy. Unless it's on GitHub. GitHub is fine.).


My favourite programming languages are Java and Haskell. Last summer, I did a lot of Android development. This summer, I'm interning at a company working on Haskell (with a sprinkle of Purescript and React).

Just putting it out there: my text editor of choice is GNU Emacs with evil mode ( config on GitHub).

The projects page on this site lists the programming projects I'm currently working on or have worked on in the past.


I usually read non-fiction, but I love both fiction and non-fiction. Three memorable books I have read recently are Homo Deus, When breath becomes air and -- don't flinch now -- This is going to hurt. The Harry Potter books are my favourite book series, with the Deathly Hallows being my favourite book of all time. To date, I have read each of the 7 books 10 times (each!) and have to physically restrain myself (OK, perhaps that is a slight exaggeration, but the struggle is real) from picking the Philosopher's stone up again and rereading the series once more (mostly because I want to read other stuff, too). If you are interested in finding out more about what I'm reading or want to read, feel free to look at my Goodreads profile.


At some point after graduating, I would like to learn Latin. Being able to figure out the meaning of words by knowing what the root word means in Latin fascinates me no end. Current favourite Latin quote: "Memento Mori" (bit dark, I know).


There's a few concepts that I think about a lot and try to live by:

  1. Growth mindset: reframing thoughts about not being good at something into something to continuously strive to get better at. The whole concept of effort begets success. This is personally meaningful to me because I definitely used to have a fixed mindset before I came to university (read: I was lazy). It seems ridiculous now, but I always bought into the belief that some people are just naturally gifted and that others are simply not clever. I came across this concept a long time after I started believing in it. It's just cool that I could put a name to the mindset shift I experienced myself!
  2. Hedonic adaptation: the idea of always returning to a baseline level of happiness. Whenever I'm tempted to make a hefty purchase, I like to think that even if I do get it, it won't make me happier for long. This definitely makes me less materialistic and more happy with what I already have. I suppose a large part of the allure of desiring something is the desire itself. Once you get what you want, it's never as amazing as you once imagined (or maybe I just don't have cool stuff :)

Influences: Elon Musk and Bill Gates (I know that's trite, don't judge me) .



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while (!deck.isInOrder()) {
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print 'It took ' + i + ' iterations to sort the deck.';



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